Genesys Technology Inc.

Address: 5352 N. Irwindale Ave, Unit C, Irwindale, CA 91706

Phone Number: 323-974-3153

Supervisor: Leon Darakjian (CEO)

Quick Summary:

  • Responsible for bringing company’s first product, The PIC Machine, to the market. This is a cash accepting machine that is installed at gas stations next to the pumps. See below for more information on the PIC project.
  • Managed this project through the idea, design, prototyping, production, testing, and shipping phase. Successfully brought the product to market within a 1-year period, beating the 3-year deadline dictated by the investors.
  • Currently working with customers & vendors for the installation of the product and have successfully installed the product at 20 locations throughout California.
  • Responsible for building the service team and creating the service manuals for warranty & repair work of the product.
  • Managed the team of software engineers responsible for building the operating system, user interface and cloud services for the PIC Machine. The system is Linux based and is using MySQL, Java, and JavaScript languages.
  • Created the 3D models, assemblies and production drawings of the machine’s structural frame and the electro-mechanical components used by the machine. Softwares used were Solidworks and EagleCAD.
  • Built the company’s website and setup the local file storage server.

Solidworks Model and Pictures of the PIC Machine: